Raising Wages NC Campaign To Date

Carolina Jews for Justice is a proud supporter of Raising Wages NC, an organization dedicated to raising the minimum wages for North Carolinians to a livable standard. 

CJJ also works Orange and Durham County Living Wage groups, which certify businesses who meet the standards set forth by their org, namely: 

  • To reward and recognize employers based in Orange and Durham County who pay their workers a living wage

  • Provide employers with incentives to pay a living wage

  • Connect consumers to employers that provide a living wage & encourage them to become customers, patients, clients of those businesses and organizations.

CJJ has sponsored or hosted several events relating to fair wages over the last year. Included below are photos from events in Asheville and Durham.

Read on for a blog post written by Asheville CJJ member Emma Cohn about some of the work their chapter has done on the issue of fair wages:

Labor Day Parade – Canton, NC


September 4th, 2017 — For the Labor Day Parade in Canton, NC, volunteers from the Raising Wages NC coalition got together and hand built a float. We made a large red arrow pointing to a large dollar sign, signifying an upward climb in wages and decorated the float’s structure with streamers and balloons. Then we took to the streets!

Love Letters Rally – Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC

Picture1 (1).png

September 7th, 2017 —Later in the Labor Day week, a group from Raising Wages NC rallied on Tunnel Road and marched down the sidewalks. Prior to the rally, volunteers had written brief ‘love letters’ to workers in low-income jobs and as we moved down Tunnel Road, we distributed these letters to workers inside many of the establishments alongside the street. We were also joined by the Social Justice Band! 


Showing Up for Racial Justice

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January 24th, 2018 — Asheville’s branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) has a monthly Action Accountability meeting that focuses on an individual, group, or organization leading the fight in racial justice. Raising Wages NC went in late January 2018, and discussed economic injustice and inequality from a racial perspective. Several people, including a representative from CJJ, spoke on a brief panel about the ways that economic injustice has affected them and how it ties into their individual organizations.


Labor Day action in Durham, 2017

Labor Day action in Durham, 2017