Democratic Rights

Charlotte Press Conference/ Vigil


Partnering with Bend the Arc, Carolina Jews for Justice had a really fantastic press conference and vigil in Charlotte on Monday, Nov 5. We found that the messaging around values & voting against hate was very resonant with our target audience. You can see the live stream here (it has already been viewed 1,400+ times and reached over 3,000 people!). We also had two news stations covering the event. 

Some big shout-outs are in order here:

- Steve Cohen, not only was the main speaker at the event and held down the Jewish voice, but was also one of the main planners that helped put the right flavor & tone on the action for Charlotte. 

- Janet Ganoung, while on vacation, recruited two top notch speakers to complete our interfaith press conference. The event would not have been the same without Reverend Dr. Rodney Sadler & Naqash Choudery. She also helped get the word out quickly to our local CJJ leaders about the action.

- Meredith Cohen, who drove all the way down from Durham, operated the livestream, kept track of the loose ends, and increased our on the ground capacity just enough for us to be able to pull this off.

- Dove Kent, also coming down from Durham, was central in planning, helped us navigate our partnership with Bend the Arc on this, and choreographed/ stage managed the action.

We believe we must continue to keep up the press coverage of white nationalism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and overall hate. These past couple weeks we've had a flurry of activity all across the state, and we are really showing why CJJ has an important part to play in NC's progressive movement.  

CJJ Opposes All Six Proposed Amendments to the NC Constitution

Carolina Jews for Justice joins progressive partners across the state in opposing the six proposed amendments to the state constitution, to be voted on in 2018. In addition to each amendment’s individual flaws, the lack of education and transparency leading up to the vote goes against our core value of democratic rights. Changes to our constitution should be preceded by widespread public education with a thorough explanation of the reasoning behind each amendment. Though the full text of these amendments is available publicly, when voters enter the polls they will see only summaries written by our General Assembly representatives, summaries that clearly encourage a vote for the amendments. Among Maimonides seven qualities of leadership are humility and honesty. Yet our General Assembly has the chutzpah to try and fool the public with the dishonest summaries that will appear on the ballot. Even if we agreed with the reasoning behind these amendments, our Jewish and democratic values would compel us to oppose the limited education and explanation surrounding this vote.

House Bill 2 aka "The Bathroom Bill"

In 2016, the North Carolina Legislature passed a bill known nationwide as NC's "bathroom bill"-which specified that individuals must use public bathrooms labeled in accordance with the gender specified on their birth certificate.

Pushback was swift and immediate. The bill sought to undermine the rights of trans individuals, as well as give conservative political interests a strong foothold in  the state. Alongside many other progressive organizations, Carolina Jews for Justice stood firmly against the bill from its inception.

Some examples of the work Carolina Jews for Justice put in toward the repeal of HB2 include: