"A Better World" Interview

On May 9, our board president Judy Leavitt and board member Frank Goldsmith were interviewed on McNair Ezzard's "A Better World" segment on WPVM 103.7 Asheville. The segment looks at people and organizations across the globe who are working for a better planet. It explores efforts being made in all manner of areas, from hunger to education to spirituality. Judy and Frank talked with McNair about the Torah’s influence on CJJ's mission and the ways in which Judaism commands us to do the social justice work we do.

Click here for the interview: https://wpvm.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/betterworld/betterworld-20190509.mp3 

Click here for show page's archives where you can find the CJJ interview and description, as well as previous interviews: http://wpvmfm.org/show/a-better-world/